5 Giant Steps to Your Unique Deliberate Achievement Through The Secret Of Clarity

Linda Prejean
3 min readOct 26, 2021

By Linda Prejean

Image: “Clarity” by June Kreuzer

Music is powered by ideas. If you don’t have clarity of ideas, you’re just communicating sheer sound. Yo-Yo Ma

A lack of clarity begins to feel normal, and ambivalence grows and now you can’t make up your mind. It affects your self-worth.

It’s like getting into your car in San Diego and starting the engine and not thinking it through. You plan to drive to Las Vegas but end up in San Francisco.

Lack of clarity works like that.

Now you can deliberately have the things you want.

How many times have you had a desire to do something and then decided it wasn’t possible.

Maybe you daydreamed about something you used to desire when you were younger, like becoming an artist, singer or actor. Maybe you’re full of entrepreneurial ideas and feel the vibrant stirring of a new start. Then you talked yourself out of it because you didn’t want to put in the time at this stage of your life.

But for a brief moment in your daydreaming you had clarity. You saw yourself involved in the process.

Try it again, and this time, do these five steps and get the results you deserve:

If you stick with it and stay curious, the next day you lay down a track. In a very natural way you will develop more interest. But this is often where many people stop dreaming. it doesn’t feel practical and they get on with their lives. Yet, it is precisely at this place of losing interest that you need to keep going.

Then the next step appears and more is revealed. It could be in the form of a coincidence. It could come from encouraging words from a stranger. You will recognize the signs that are meant for you along the track you are laying.

Interest Deepens
Now as you continue forward you will notice increased energy in the form of interest and a deeper curiosity, “what if this were possible?” According to Neuroscience the inner stirring of a new kind of energy is making important connections in your brain.



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